Did you kiss the foot that kicked you?

public performance, audio recording & pamphlet, 2007

OVER ONE HUNDRED musicians and buskers took part in Did you kiss the foot that kicked you? a co-ordinated, unannounced, public performance which took place over a working week in public space across the city of London. The musicians were invited to learn and perform Ewan MacColl’s 1964 song, The Ballad of Accounting. Inspired by the recent release of MI5 files held on MacColl, which described the musician as a ‘dangerously creative activist’, the multi-site performance was designed to slip the song into the subconscious of the city itself.

Produced by Artangel Interaction and commissioned by Artangel and the Jerwood Charitable Foundation.

To order the 10” coloured vinyl featuring six versions, including the original Ballad of Accounting, click here.