Sympathetic Magick

Multi-sited performance, 2018

Nearly 50 performances took place in venues across Edinburgh as part of Sympathetic Magick between July and August 2018. Performances were derived for a wide range of city locations including pubs, arts venues, community gardens, a library and a cinema as well as on the street.

Through a workshop process magicians worked with Ruth and magician Ian Saville to bring new layers of social commentary into their routines. The month long series of performances slipped into the bustle of the Edinburgh Festivals. The varied acts which comprise Sympathetic Magick range from Marxist ventriloquism to topical street table magic, close-up card tricks with bespoke card decks to radical feminist performance art.

An artist’s pamphlet to accompany Sympathetic Magick was published designed by James Brooks.

Performers included Ian Saville, Jim Campbell, Marisa Carnesky, James Gavin Hessler, Wilf Keys, Jack Paton, Billy Reid and Mark Walbank.

Sympathetic Magick was commissioned by Edinburgh Art Festival 2018.

Jack Paton  performing at The Waverley pub
Wilf Keys performs at The Quad, Edinburgh University
Ian Saville performing at Institut français d’Écosse
Marisa Carnesky performs at Institut français d’Écosse
Photography by Alan Dimmick