These Are Our Treasures

Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle 2022

A bar of soap used for a baby’s first bath more than a hundred years ago? A wooden ironing board that protected your parents during a bombing raid?

These are Our Treasures was a display of precious objects and stories belonging to people of the North East of England. The wide and surprising range of items were gathered through a public open call and workshop process asking –What do you treasure?

Photos by Colin Davison. Project identity and 2D design by Sam Blunden. 3D design and installation by Dan Griffiths.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the project for their thoughtfulness, care and openness.

These are Our Treasures was developed in response to the Lindisfarne Gospels, on display at the Laing Art Gallery, on loan from the British Library, from 17 September – 3 December 2022.