No Tail

Site specific performance, 2015

On the Winter Solstice 2015, a night where the natural order of things is reversed, No Tail premiered at Strood’s Temple Manor, a 13th Century Knights Templar manor house, mummified by a 21st century industrial estate. Residents of Strood were invited to share their skills and knowledge of the town’s heritage, hidden stories, myths past and present, which were weaved into a subversive pantomime for the town and performed by local people.

No Tail was created by Artist Ruth Ewan with Penny Cliff, Dom Coyote, Cis O’Boyle, Bernd Fauler, James Frost and Rachel Anderson, produced by Idle Women for OOTO Places.

A programme featuring the script, commissioned textsand local archive material was produced to coincide with the Winter Solstice performance.

You can view the full programme below:

No Tail Programme